Call for Presentations

“Urban Air Mobility (UAM) envisions a safe and efficient aviation transportation system that will use highly automated aircraft that will operate and transport passengers or cargo at lower altitudes within urban and suburban areas. UAM will be composed of an ecosystem that considers the evolution and safety of the aircraft, the framework for operation, access to airspace, infrastructure development, and community engagement.” -Federal Aviation Administration.

In support of this evolution, SAE and AUVSI are partnering to host the Business of Automated Mobility: Flight Path to UAM, September 27-28, 2022. This virtual event will equip attendees with the most current regulatory and operational updates about UAM. Topics facing industry and government leaders include vehicle development and production, vehicle management and operations, Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM), safety and security, as well as remote pilot technology and autonomy.

SAE and AUVSI are seeking proposals for presentations/panels that are relevant to the subject of UAM and fall into any of the following categories:

  • Vehicle Design & Integration
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Airworthiness Standards & Certification
  • Vehicle Noise
  • Weather-tolerant Vehicles
  • Inclusive Design
  • Manufacturing & Supply Chain
  • Safe Urban Flight Management
  • Increasingly Automated Vehicle Operations
  • Certification & Ops Approval
  • Ground Ops & Maintenance
  • Remote Pilot Technology and Autonomy
  • Spectrum and C2/C3
  • Risk Calculation and Data Analysis
  • Public Acceptance
  • Social Equity
  • Safety Management Systems 
  • Workforce development / Operators 
  • Environmental Impact

Sessions Details

  • All sessions/panels will be 30-minutes in duration (including Q&A)
  • Submission form must be filled out by August 5, 2022 to be considered for the September 27-28, 2022 Flight Path to UAM
  • There is no guarantee that your submission will be accepted

Proposal submissions should include a developed title, description, and complete list of speakers.